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Work schedule: from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday, and 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm on Saturdays.

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Name: Jenny McZombie
Age: 26 (still young, pfft)
Gender: No use for that.

So, I am a baker :) Not a 'wannabe' that learns how to bake cakes by watching TV. I have a degree in Bakery, which means I'm a professionnal when it comes to create gorgeous cakes (from children birthday cakes to classy wedding masterpieces), prepare and bake fresh bread (I don't even envy the French bakers anymore. Mine taste better, huhu XD), and I can even make my own ice cream and sorbets. And dude, I'm a real master at frozen desserts! No one beats me there! :heart:

Unfortunately I can't work in this industry anymore for several personnal issues. And since I'm quite talentuous at sewing, my fiancé convinced me to take sewing classes and finally become a stylist. That would be just awesome, wouldn't it? Of course, if you have any questions concerning breads and desserts, just send me a note ;)

So! Other than that, I'm a gamer, so you can expect fanarts from Zelda and Mario Bros around here. And since my chibis are damn popular (:XD:), you won't see that many fanarts - mostly chibis xDD I also love to write, but since my English skills aren't that good (at writing, I mean), I'm not sure if I should write any fanfics. I love these actually. I haven't written any in a long time, and that's a shame. Everyone says I rock at writing, and then I'm too shy XDD We'll see eventually.

I'm also skilled at music. I've been playing many instruments ever since I learned how to read music sheets at 9 years old. So far I can play flute, piano, clarinet, trumpet, mouth harp, a bit of guitar, and last but not least, bass. I currently am playing bass in a death melodic metal band. " L'Aasguard ", if by any means, you're curious enough to know who we are ;) And I'll tell you, I'm quite famous around here for that. Bassist women in metal bands are sooo rare, I'm the only one here X''D

That's about it. If you have any questions, or if you only wanna chat, just send a note! :)

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Rant + Commissions

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 6:16 PM

Yes, I just love to rant about anything that just gets on my nerves. I usually talk about those matters with my fiancé, but since my most recent 'I-am-so-fucking-pissed-off' crisis concerns many people around here (not that I was angry about you, but because you will totally understand how I feel about it), I thought it was time I share it on here.
This week, I wrote an insanely long status on Facebook about people ordering drawings to artists. If you take commissions, you know the awesome feeling when someone chooses YOU in the massive pool of incredible artists that is deviantArt. You also know it may even get really difficult to pay bills and buy food when you draw for a living. You know what it is to live as an artist. Most people don't seem to get it, tho.

So, many months ago, an IRL friend (well, I can't really call him 'friend'. It's more like... meh, I lost the word. It's a 'connaissance' to me. Just Google translate it from French to English and you'll get my point. I'm quite lazy tonight, sorry.) asked for a chibi of his son. Let's call this guy Mike for the sake of my story. So, I thought it was an adorable idea! In the same week, another friend (my fiancé's cousin, let's call her Mily) also asked for a chibi. I wasn't in a really good mood when she asked for it, so I just said "Yeah sure, I'll make it as soon as I get better" and didn't tell her about payment of anything. As for Mike, I told him "It'll be $15. I ask for payment first."

This week, I received another note on here asking if I could draw a free chibi. Hell no, I don't do requests and I NEVER will. Understood? It drove me crazy, and here came the facebook status. For my Facebook friends who don't speak French, I'll translate it roughly. "Have you ever tried to pay your bills with children laughs or sunshines and rainbows? Let's face the facts: if you do, you'll get in deep shit real fast. That's the same for me. If I could buy pants with a bowl of Lucky Charms, I'd gladly do so. But I can't. That's not how things work. If you don't want to pay for your chibi, don't ask me to draw for free, and just leave me the fuck alone." I mean, seriously. I ask 15 bucks for a fucking drawing that'll take me up to 6 hours to make, which means I'm paid $2,50 / hour. Who should complain here? (by the way, this is Canadian dollars. Use a money converter to get a clear idea of how you really don't have to whine)

Two days after I wrote it on Facebook, I noticed I didn't have any more feedback from Mike, who's that kind of person to share and write about anything 20 times a day. Out of curiosity, I searched for him, and man... he deleted me from his friends! How immature can you be, now? XD DUDE! You're 33! Come on! Act like a man! The same day, Mily, who's a bit younger than me (she's 25 if I recall well) sent me a note and asked how much I charge for a chibi and which method she may use to send her payment. Then I realized: maturity doesn't come with age, and isn't given to everyone XD

That's it. Since I tend to get customers that just don't pay, I lost a freaking lot of time and money (indeed), and I had to take serious decisions that I won't change anymore. You can't pay with points any longer. Paypal only. And I also lowered my prices. This way I hope I can get many more commissioners. I really need customers, since all my pants are falling apart. And I ran out of Lucky Charms.

You can find my commissions informations here

Thanks for reading :) It feels nice to rant. I actually think I shall do it more often, haha!

  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Watching: Nath playing Skyward Sword
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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